Spuderoo / ‘Lil Spender - Spud | 30q 10s2p | Predator Board Dual Hubs | 2x Maytech VESCs

I want to delete my account but I cant.


For anyone interested in how this board performs, this is my route to hit up CVS for snacks.

I used the blemish tool on the street names, idk. Call me paranoid :joy:

In total its about 6 miles, and drained my battery from 4.12v to 3.74v.

Motor max: 30a
Motor min: -30a
Batt Max: 12a
Batt min: -4a

I could probably get better mileage but I dont want to go slower on main roads, and my average speed was around 18mph


Yesterday I rode my board to and from work just fine, but today when I stood on my board it felt like a slippery floor under my shoes. I couldn’t grip for shit…

I first realized it when I couldn’t turn as hard as I normally do, and had to take a hilly curve dangerously wide.

What the hell happened??? The frit doesn’t look any different… And my shoes still have quite a bit of tread, they’re not smooth on the bottom or anything O.o

It was dry as well, no water involved

E: somehow the problem only persists with my Superstars, and no other shoes… Weird


Took a 5ish mile ride through my hometown, was mostly cruising except for the 4th mile where I was being followed by some stupid fuck in a Yukon. He said I cut him off, but I was in the right lane and he was turning left anyways… Big dumbo


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Would anyone be interested in buying this board sans the electronics? Or all together?

You could easily fit a single stack 10s3p and unity in the enclosure :+1:

Been looking for a spud, but it’s a shame I’m in EU :sob:

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Why you getting rid of the spud?

New projects?


I literally typed a reply and it went into the ether. I hate my phone.

Anyways, I’m moving on to a flexy deck build… Havnt ever had a flexy deck, esk8 or regular sk8. It’s all been unpowered stiff pintails 🤷

What happened to those xt90s I thought were shipped to me :thinking: not calling you out or anything, just wondering… Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Flexy is fun.

Lolllll, sorry man. School just started been really busy. Ill have then sent out soon :grin:

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All good! I’ll pm you to change the address though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pm me here, I rarely go over to the builders.

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I mean… I’m game to send it sans the battery so it’s an easy setup. I’ve got a 10s2p in there right now, and that’s the largest pack I can fit with the loopkey and 4.12 vesc combo

Pm me if you’re interested

Rip Spuderoo, her remains have been spread across the world to fuel even more builds o7



// End of thread


The deck will be well loved here in Aus mate :star_struck: