spot welder lending (eu / uk)

@Spesh do you still have it and could I request it in Ireland? Not under super tight time pressure

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@Halbj613 did you hear from spesh about where the welder is? Looks like they haven’t been online since September

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Nope nothing
Who has it currently?

I’ve got it still, sorry I didn’t have notifications on for some reason so only got pinged once I was sent a DM. I’ll message back now and make arrangements


Hi where is this thing at these days
Just collecting dust somewhere

Hi sorry I haven’t been online in ages, yes it’s collecting dust in my workshop ATM. Happy to send it out if anyone needs it. I have email alerts on for PMs now so in case I miss something, send me a PM

Yeah no worries
I’m not able to run this anymore but if someone else wants to keep it going then go for it

I might be able to give it a go. I’m in Ireland where it currently is anyway. Unfortunately the locals have a kweld and a beast able to weld 0.5mm but I can learn figure out how to ship it around.

edit: unfortunately again I learned that the minute I order thin nickel precut tabs.