Splitting the power switch for two VESCs

When setting up two vescs, is it common to just split the power button wires between the two, or is there a better method.

What ESCs?

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MakerX D75 duals for awd

Depends which version you have… if you have the older 4 pin button you only need to carry over the switch input to the second esc.

So pin 1 is your common (vbat) and 2 is the input.

Or you could bridge those two on both ESC’s and use a loopkey.

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I have new D75s. The power button, which is larger than the previous version of the D75, has 3 wires (black (gnd), red (5v), and white (sw). The switch port is 7 pin, but only those three are used.

Not sure how to set up a loopkey.

Also, my battery is set up with two xt90 power jacks for two vescs.

Are you saying that the three pin button has to be set up with a loopkey instead of just connecting the switch (white) to the second vesc from the first?

I didnt mention that this is a single 14s6p with two xt90 power jacks for powering each vesc

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This is my power switch port. I have 5v, gnd, and switch connected. What now? Is it just a matter of running just the white/SW wire to the second vesc switch port?

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My battery pack is a 14s6p p42a with two XT90 power jacks.

For anyone following, this is the official answer from David YU at MakerX:

Hi, You can connect the SW pins on both D75s in parallel, This way you can control two ESC switches at the same time.


I have to say that I’m really impressed by the response times at MakerX and actual support, unlike others that give the runaround!!

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Just so y’all know, my 3-pin button is actually 4-pin. One of the pins doesn’t have anything connected and it’s sort of hidden.

But the wiring is the same for the 8-pin connector as it is for the 4-pin on the board. The poles on the button are not of concern.