Split signal from Wii Kama remote?

So the CANbus on my Focbox’s doesn’t seem to work and I really like using the Nunchuck. I see a bunch of examples of split PPM users but haven’t found any posts where they’re using split signal from the Nunchuck. Has anyone tried this before? Will it work the same way? Could I just connect an extra set of wires from the nunchuck receiver and just cut one of 3.3v wires to one of the VESC? Thanks


I have no frikkin clue. That is an interesting question, one that I haven’t heard before, so I’m watching with interest. Good luck.

It probably wont work since it communicates using UART

For a test, make the split only between the RX pin on the VESC, don’t split the 5v or the GND or the TX


Agree think the UART connection relies on baud rate and stop bits for the serial communication to work if one of the VESCs is only getting one way communication it may not work (then again the one that is connecting could be sending ACK (acknowledge) signals back so worth a shot I guess)

connecting just the RX pin to the 2nd VESC won’t have any chance of damaging the VESC right?

I think very little chance it causes physical damage assuming they have shared GND then the voltage from the regulators should be roughly the same and will use either 5V or 3.3V for the signalling. Would still set conservative cut offs and max values/limits in the VESCs in case one of them just reads instantaneous full throttle or some other similarly bad wrong signal.

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Maybe the way flipsky wires there remote via uart would help.


That’s identical to a vanda VESC. Swear to God same color even.

In this case it works since the data flow is only from the receiver to the VESC, so the TX wire is not being used, in both VESC’s

If you are doing like me using an micro controller to request data from the VESC them things would not work properly since both VESCS would send data and it would be a mess


I found the issue with the CANbus cable. The 2 middle wires needed to be switched. I am now able to use the nunchuck without trying the split signal suggestions. Thanks


Yah did some searching about uarts and basically can have multiple receivers or tap into a serial line but just can’t have multiple tx go into one rx (multiple rx can receive from single TX though and things can work fine)

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