Spintend Uni1 V2 Issues

Hello, I attached a video showing my issue with the Uni1 V2 paired with the UBOX V2. Acceleration is not consistent and if I push for full throttle sometimes it does not give throttle whatsoever. Brakes work completely fine. I have previously used this motor controller with a VX2 with no issue. So far I have went through the exact pairing process that Spintend shown in their video and even re-flashed my motor controller to start from fresh still with issue. I also looked in the data analysis and the wheel is detecting the position just fine if I give say 85 percent it registers on the vesc tool that I am giving 85. The remote firmware is 1.02 and I am using Spintends 5.03 firmware for the UBOX. I also tried binding it with the receiver that came with the Uni1 instead of the built in receiver still with the same effect. Any people have similar issue?

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I’ve had the same issue with other remotes. it was usually to do with the remote losing connection. try moving the receiver to a better spot


Try another remote? Might just be a faulty remote.

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might be worth a try. i do remember spintend remotes will overright vesc settings on the ubox when connected so might be worth checking the actual remote options

Yeah I’m thinking this is the most probable answer because I tried with the external receiver they gave me and it still happened.

I tried even with the spare reciever that they gave me and it still happened sadly :(.

Makes me think that the remote/receiver is fine no? Smells like other esc related issues.

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hi, sorry to hijacking your tread but i can’t get my reverse by the center button , when i brake and press the button it show motor reverse but nothing happen any idea anyone?

EDIT: I found how to use the reverse function and its very cool !! you can go forward or backward rotation, but i have to activate smart reverse to get both function
so depend it on the situation of the hill , it will get you still on the hill no matter if you backward or face it , sorry if the newbie is so happy !!

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