[SOLVED]Hobbywing capacitor replacement

Hi there!

When moving the drivetrain of my GFs Wowgo 2s to another deck i foud this in the esc box

Apperently during assembly a xt60 connection got forced into one of the esc caps.
However everything always worked fine without an issue.

But me thinking to myself this cant be very good longterm, while trying to remove the thing to replace it i shortened the two leads (sure) which provoced a little crack noise.

Me afraid I again have electrecuted smth to death, connect everything to check and surprise : motors are spinning, no smoke. Great.

So here is my Question:

What is the worst that can happen until i can get my hands on the right cap to replace the smashed one?

Many thanks in advance


So today I managed to replace the smashed bug.

Made Loops into the caps’ leads to slide over the remains of the old one sticking out of the putty.
Soked them with solder.

Insulate and hot glue .

New Cap loads up and everything seems to work properly.



Waht. Am confused lol that is ridiculous!

I can’t believe it is still working.

Since it is still working I would just put a piece of foam or something over it to insulate it - you can’t really fix this without buying a new esc. Potting is almost impossible to remove - that is why it is there.

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Surgery already done with enough pins sticking out to solder to.

That putty in there is actually quite soft and easy to cut

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Oh I see. Good luck haha - the potting I have seen has been quite hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good explanation here by rew about what the caps are for in an esc.


Tells me:

  • acceleration will be compromised bc the battery sag wont be comensated as much.

  • breaking heavy could break the esc for good

am i somewhere near here?