Soldering check

Here is a pic of my series wiring. This is just a practice but think it looks good? Nevermind the main solder lead practice try. What do you guys think of the small series soldering?

Looks a bit cold and like it hasn’t fully wetted the nickel.

Try again with a bit of extra flux and a hotter iron, maybe 400c.
Put a small drop of flux on the nickel, melt some solder on the iron, and touch the iron to the fluxed nickel. Rub the solder around on the nickel until it sticks and wets out, going from a round ball sitting on top to a nice flat puddle.
Once you’ve got a tinned patch, you can add the (pre tinned) wire.


Too cold, as Ryan mentioned.

Also try to pull it off. Pull it hard. You should never be able to pull apart good welds.


You can clean the nickel surface with alcohol before you solder, should help, corrosion ain’t good for soldering

Also what iron do you use ? While the ts100 kind works good for most of our uses (and an experienced person could use it for this too) when you solder on aluminium or nickel more thermal inertia will helps a great deal

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how many thread u gonna make about ur soldering?


Buy gas burner to fix it or better gas solder