SOLD WTS single Focbox

Hey guys Iam going to upgrade to vesc6 so I want to sell 1x Focbox. The Focbox is still a very nice vesc sadly not available anymore. It is of course fully working and comes with a brandnew enclosure and heatsink. Also with stock xt60 and small bullet connectors! (at the picture there are still the big ones)

It will be also checked for suspicious things even its fully working (just to be sure you get a device like brandnew ready to go! )

Payment only via Paypal Friend or EU bank transfer.

Iam able to ship earlyest at Friday from germany :slight_smile:

Since the device comes like a new one price is about 110€ + shipping.

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can i reserve it please

depends on how long? sadly my exprerience with reserving things wasnt the best :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

if you can reserve it this long till the 13th

I cant wait that long sorry dude. Dual Vesc6 order ate my money :joy::joy: If untill the 13th nobody wants it you can have it… Sorry dude

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come on man i need a foc

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@Dareno worth your time?

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Thats pretty long…


Just snagged a pair from aus. :sunglasses:

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If you need it that badly, then you should have the money ready to go. There will be others for sale if you ask around when you can make the purchase. Its not a huge loss

just found a complete with a unity in it so im good

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