(Sold) USA. 2017 Trampa Pro Belt Drive- new never used

Hey all. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to decide if I’m going to part out or keep this board is to see if there is anyone who wants the parts I don’t need for my other builds. As such I’m putting out feelers for the pro belt drive. If someone wants to buy the whole drive, I’ll sell it.

$850 shipped in the lower 48. ($100 savings over trampa plus free shipping and second truck (Shipping can be negotiated elsewhere.))
$800 reduced*** as of 1-3-2020

2017 Pro Belt Drive w/ 12mm vertigo trucks
14/66 gearing
118kv trampa motors
Yellow dampas
Black on black
Fully factory assembled and mounted.
Fits superstar hubs.

Schematics can be found here


Alright! I gave the community a day in advance. It’s on fb now. :flushed:



Reducing price to $800

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You guys really want me to keep this board huh.

KEEP IT! Do it!

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I was 90% positive on selling it when I made this post. Now I’m 50/50. I’ve got a crazy custom build going on and prolly shouldn’t have tied my money up. Lol but tax refunds are soon so who knows. I’m gonna let it sit here a while longer.

Still up for grabs!

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SOLD! @BillGordon please close!