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(SOLD) US WTS Precision Hanger

I have one good Boardnamics 220mm precision hanger for sale, tossing the other one in for the spare shoulder bolt / repair if you’re adventurous. $45 shipped / USPS Priority / CONUS only.

What happened to the extra one?

What is the other one? What’s wrong with it? Is it shorter?

Went to remove the shoulder bolt to adjust the motor mount which was slipping down, got a few turns out and locked up tight as could be. Tried working the shoulder bolt in and out a little bit and just kept getting tighter. Walked home and tried again, got tight enough that the hex head finally stripped out. Ended up having to pound out the bolt with a rubber mallet. After getting the bolt out there was a bit of aluminum caked around the first 5mm or so of the bolt right below the threads. Had to file that down in order to get my wheel / bearings off.

Same hanger, same size, just camera parallax makes it look smaller

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Hanger has been sold!