[SOLD][US] WTS Evolve SuperCarve Trucks

From what I can tell, these are $140 plus shipping on evolve’s site.

Asking $100 shipped in the US. The motor holes have been elongated slight to have adjustable angle.

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Never tried those. Sending pm.

Are those bushings similar to caliber bushings or you have to buy from evolve?

Try talking to @RipTideSports he is the bushing king

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Not sure about the King part but here goes:

I have worked on several Evolve boards in the past when people have asked us for a nimble yet stable at high speed setup and I hope the same will apply the the new forged versions of the trucks! This is what I found for Evolve “compound” trucks:

For simplicity, I will refer to the bushing positions from roadside to boardside so for the front, F1 is the bushing closest to the road in the front and F4 is the bushing closest to the deck in the front, rear will be the same just designated R1-R4. Also, the position 1-2 are the primary turning pair and position 3-4 are the secondary turning pair.

Front truck

F1: KranK 90a ShortStreetCone (.4" tall)

F2: KranK 90a Barrel (.6" tall)

F3: KranK 93a or 96a ShortStreetBarrel (.4" tall)

F4: KranK 93a or 96a Barrel (.6" tall)

Rear Truck

R1: KranK 93a or 96a ShortStreetCone (.4" tall)

R2: KranK 93a or 96a Barrel (.6" tall)

R3: KranK 93a or 96a ShortStreetBarrel (.4" tall)

R4: KranK 93a or 96a Barrel (.6" tall)

For reference we defaulted to the harder choice of the options above, I weigh just about 200 lbs and this worked well for me as well as my son that weighs 140 lbs. We found the key to settling down the trucks for high speed situations is to keep the pair of bushings closest to the deck (F3-4 and R3-4) stiffer than the bushings closer to the road (F1-2 and R1-2) and the front easier to turn than the rear. The primary pair should initiate the turn, then the secondary pair should come into play when needed or wanted. I hope this is not too confusing as there is a lot going on with these trucks. The way we have it setup currently, you can run full speed all day and still have a lot of turn when needed, so agility and stability.


Which speeds are we talking about?

Whatever you are geared to do combined with what your experience and comfort level allow you to do!


In your testing, which was the top speed?

Btw, thanks for the write up. I plan on following your recommendations and buying from your website or from a retailer in EU, when I can find one.

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Thank you Brad. That was really helpful. I’ve been playing with KranK combos for a bit and it’s really fun!

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I did not record the top speed, just pegged the throttle with my 200 pounds. Your results may be different of course.