SOLD (US) Carvon V3 Direct Drive $350 OBO SOLD

This Carvon V3 set was my daily driver for a while and was amazing for me. This set will flat out scoot and can take any Abec wheels to allow for swapping. I generally just used 97MM Abecs and that was a great setup.

$350 or best offer. Thanks for looking.


Do you know what Kv these are?

Unfortunately not. For some reason I think they’re 110kv? Does that make sense? I ran them on 12s just fine.

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thats really high for a set of dd’s

I think they are speed drives XL. Meant to go 60km/hr or something ridiculous.

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My tb dd 75kv 110’s on 13s can presumably do 60km/h lol

Can’t imagine 110 kv

Those do look to me like 110kv speed drives. The v3 and v4 are very similar mostly with the can thickness and urethane wrapping being different.

edit: they do look a bit long and might be xl’s from the photo but I didn’t think jerry made xl’s until near the end.


@mmaner long axle = stable


they’re definitely not xls to my knowledge as the xls were not available til the v4


How much you looking for

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is it still for sale

I have a pair of v4 torque drives and xl’s I’m looking to sell

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how much?

400 for torque drives 500 for xl $$

Torque drives are new, xl’s have 100-150 miles on them.