SOLD [US] 4WD Revel Kit + 3 Deck options + Extras ($750 Savings)

Congratulations !!!

Shipping your Mint condition 4WD Revel Kit + 3 Decks + 2.5 Sets of Wheels + 2 Extended Range Batteries + Abec & Kegel adapters + Remote + Power brick & Charge adapter

SOLD OUT Revel Kit bundle with Less than 100 miles on each drive kit, like new condition with minor road rashes on the direct drive covers, strong and powerful set up otherwise.

Shipping to your address from the North East US right outside of NYC

Bundle comes with 3 iconic decks to play with in a 2wd or 4wd set up:

Asking $1100 USD ($750 in savings)


Shipping ASAP

See the Pictures & Video below:

Both REVEL kits are pre-installed on the Pantheon Genesis deck as a 4WD setup, and each revel kit comes with 1 Extended Battery.

Shipping your 4WD Revel Kit Bundle ASAP

Congratulations !!!

You need to post photographs of the actual items for sale and not simply link stock photos.

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Will do, been on long night shifts at work back to back.
Thanks for the feedback / Reminder

Stay tuned

Sold !