[Sold] (US) $450 FatBoy Nano Gear Drive, Kegel adapter, E-caliber2 , mounted with dual BKB 6355. Additional Red boa optional

Selling these. This drive train because I can’t use 90mm wheels on them without it scratching.

$270 nano drive
$160 motors
$60 e-Calibers
$1M Blood and sweat cutting that axle
$1M PETG Covers

You can add $100 for barely used red boas.

Also have old TB 6374 with cut axle available for them. They sit tight on caliber 2 but you can buy TB218 hangers and fit with slight hanger mod or buy tb218 adapter from @Kug3lis


Great deal! Plus sold out boas. Snatch this up

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Thanks @Kellag. What a nice guy!!!

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Seriously though… @Kellagspeaks the truth!!! After that rude canadian fiasco, it’s nice to see an amazing deal on amazing products. If you are at all curious about gear drives, here is your chance!!!


Oh that was so bad🤣


How much for the old TB motors?

They have cut shafts so $100 for both of them

R the boas still available?

And for the motors would u take $75 for both shipped? I’m in OC CALIFORNIA

Boas only optional with the gear drive kit.

Sure thing for the motors I just want them out, pm me

Hey I’m still down for the motors but I gotta wait til my next paycheck cuz I had an unexpected expense come up. If someone else wants them then go for it but if not I will definitely hit u up as soon as I get paid. Thanx

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I’ll take those boas

Gotta get em with the gear drive kit, it’s a great price just pick up the combo


oof, can’t afford both unfortunately =(

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Bump. Now throwing in a set of flipped 110s and asking for total of $500.


PUMP lol

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Lmao ok

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So what’s the entire package you’re selling now?

$270 Nano gear drive
$60 E-Caliber
$160 Bkb 6354s
$110 TB 110

$580+ value and only asking for 500 or send me an offer.


What deck are they mounted on in that pic. And do you have wheelbite or motor contact with the deck? Spacers on it?