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[SOLD] (UK) Enertion Focbox Unity - Brand new

[SOLD] Brand new Enertion Focbox Unity. Comes with everything in the box as normal (connectors, switch, USB C cable). I was going to build a second off road board, but my funds are being diverted to repairing my house roof.

First class recorded postage included.


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Pretty sure that’s more than the cost of a new one from enertion… I could be wrong though :stuck_out_tongue:

Enertion USA sells them for 299USD + shipping
This is slightly cheaper

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Shipping is $6 so that totals at £236 with amazon warranty.

Or new from Enertion is only £225 if you want to take the gamble . . .

Not really cheaper if you add the VAT.

The one I purchased from Enertion directly had $10 on the customs declaration so it made it through without taxes. I doubt the same will be true if you purchase from Amazon though.

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omg the dollar has moved from the pound, do excuse me

Fond memories of 2006 when it was 2 to 1 and I was buying things from Japan in us dollars at a steal :disappointed_relieved:


by 2026 I’m expecting a 1 to 2 :expressionless:


1£ is almost 2AUD for fucking christ ou loud

I’m open to offers …

Now £230

hey, can you message me on Facebook here’s the link to my profile… thanks :grin:

Is it still available?

Hi Jamie, yes it is.

@Jamiee he forgot to tag you.

@Shaun can you send me a message on Facebook, the link is up there ^

Why do you keep trying to drag him over to Facebook? His sale is happening here.


@Jamiee can you not just private message me on here?

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@Kellag send me a message on myspace :grin: