!SOLD! Trampa Holy Pro 35 (EU)- Everthing minus battery - 1300euros/ $1550 Shipping included

Some of you may have seen this up in the other forum…decided to take this a different route. Either someone buys out the whole thing or I get another board. Win-win.

Been parting this together for a while…oughta make someone a nice ride.

Trampa HolyPro 35 Deck - 16 Ply w/Custon Whitepony Carbon enclosure. test ridden 100 meters
Whitepony initially built this enclosure to hold 10s4p, and 2x ESC however because I have the Focbox enclosure and Trampa mount this compartment can hold 12s4p and a narrow charge only BMS if buyer wanted. This is the lightest enclosure I have ever had. Wasn’t perfect enough for whitepony but damn I thought it was sexy. The included pictures show 3d printed 20700 cells inside both a standard compartment and the large compartment.

Vertigo Trucks with white springs and Green Drampas - ridden 100 meters
*Ultimate trucks available for 50 euros more until they sell

Superstar Hubs - come laced with Trampa 125 Thane- Thane has two rides >5km

Unik motor mounts Pulleys, hardware, Belts

Trampa straps - Lite use, sun stained (Spain)

2 x Focbox

2x Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV motors

3D Servisas dual FocBox enclosure with Trampa Mount

All parts are new unless otherwise noted.

EU buyer preferred but as there aren’t any batteries can ship stateside if interest.
Not really up to haggle over price but have a go knowing I may just laugh…and if i do assume you aren’t getting the board.


Just to make it clear, this is a kiteboard deck with 15 degree ends?
Because from the pictures it looks like a Holypro 35


Thank you for the catch. Updated.

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this may change in a few dayz, stay tuned

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Intressted :slight_smile: Tried to send you a pm but couldn’t (just made a account on this forum). See if you can send me one and we can take it from there :slight_smile: Located in Sweden.