SOLD! Torque board mounts and hangers Bkb pulleys

Looking to get rid of some stuff

218mm torque board hangers
Inwards 63xx mounts and brand new 97mm wheels
Kit also includes new Bkb 36t modular pulleys for Abec wheels

Asking $150 for the lot Shipping within the US included

Want the motors in the box fetch me another $210 and you can have them BUT THAT’s Only if purchased as a package
They’re sealed maytech 6374 200kv

PLEASE NOTE that no base plates are included in the sale What you see is what you get.


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Interested in hangers only maby wheels as well if good pice

I’ll take a single hangar for $9 plus shipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What does fair mean to you!? Feel free to make an offer

If you still have hangars, I’ll take em!


I pm’d about the pulleys

Sold Bkb 36t modular pulleys for Abec wheels?

Yup. Those things are long gone brother but if you’re in the market for something better I have brand new 3DServisas pulleys
$70 a set.