[SOLD] Set of 4 MBS Rockstar Hubs + 8" Tires + 8" Tubes


I have a set of 4 MBS 8" wheels on rockstar hubs. I used these wheels 4 or 5 times then switched to another set so they are in very good condition. There are some balancing weights on them so if you reinflate you will probably need a rebalance. 2 of the wheels are in bags because I took them apart and never rescewed the hardware back together, I can re-screw them before I mail everything out.

$135 for the wheel set including shipping to anywhere in CONUS.


Here’s an upgrade


Oof. 8 inch is massive

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It’s a handful for sure.

Yeah I keep telling you though. Haya+8" off-roaders+ mbs matrix 2s = Bamfmobile

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Haha. Maybe. Idk man range will suffer a ton, and it will look ridiculous

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The haya might not be the beat for those application lol. Not a lot of aH to go into it.

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What is this sorcery

ahh shit I guessed you were in EU hahah but CONUS is in Murica

Haha sorry my dude bald eagles only


Soo very tempting!!! Waiting for those hellcat wide rims to complete my build. These would do it in the mean time…