[Sold] Selling my commuter build! Send offers!

Moving countries and can’t take my board with me, So selling, my loss can be your gain!

This was the original build thread.

The build works with regular Abec11 Wheels( 36T Pulley included) and trampa Gummies
Currently setup with single kingpin but you’ll get the second kingpin should you wish to install it.

Price Breakdown of my board

  • Evolve Trucks $140
  • Mounts $60
  • 10s3p 30Q Battery $150 cell + nickle cost
  • Unity $250
  • 36t Evolve Pulleys $60
  • Landyachtz Board $100
  • Motors $80
  • Charger $35
  • enclosure $60
  • Motor pulleys $20
  • 60A Bestech BMS $40
  • Belts+ connectors + etc $50
  • 97mm wheels $20
  • Evolve AT kit $250 Total $1315

Trampa Stuff

  • Trampa SUPERSTARS With Gummies $200
  • Trampa 44T pulleys $70
  • Superstar conversion spaces for 8mm axles $30 Total = $300

Grand total = $1615

This is a guide price only, I am accepting all offers from everyone at this time.
But please respect the amount of work and experimentation that goes into doing a build and not try to low ball me.

Pictures with 97MM wheels (No belts)

Pictures with SUPERSTAR Gummies Wheels (No belts in pictures)

You also get a Evolve AT kit with the board. So the possibilities are endless.

Top speed is 22Mph in both configs. You can increase this to 27Mph by using 18th pulleys if you wish. But this is a mid sized cruiser and 22Mph is a lot for it.

Range is 17-18Miles in both configs
Comes with a 4A Fast charger
Location US, Bay Area


Were u live? US EU North Korea?


Damn forgot to mention, location is US. If you are in bay area you can do a local pick up as well.

If you decide to part out I want the 44T pulleys. Btw is there a place you can buy those on the Trampa website?

Edit: found it. I’m still interested in them from you tho

I’m in the bay. Wish I had the cash to buy this.

You can buy them on unikboards also. Got mine from there and they’re top notch

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Ugh, what a beauty, couldn’t you ship this internationally? Good luck selling, if you part out I’m interested in the battery.

I could not, not without spending like $500. It’s just sucks I have to sell this board that I really like.

Bump, its still for sale

Couldn’t you just sell the battery and take the rest with? Beautiful build btw

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