SOLD - Molicel INR21700-P42A

Have over 200 never used Molicel INR21700-P42A.
Purchased them about 1 year ago for some EBike projects

4 Euro each.

Buyer pays shipping with DHL from Germany.


Dibs, pm sent

(80 are gone, just FYI)


another 72 gone, sorry :man_bowing:


Just exactly enough left for a 12S4P

Can not ship to US
We have some cells here at 29 Palms.
And will bring a few more in hand luggage on my flight next week.

12x4 are 48, have to check if this is possible.


Still have about 100 cells in case someone is interested in.
Can ship 24th Dec,

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Maybe I will buy again later:)
Thanx for Christmas present.

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Not many cells left over and I will be in US for 1 month.
Last day to ship is Friday.

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Iam not in time pressure. I have now what I need . January or February is not an issue for me:) Nice Christmas

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Any cells left?