[SOLD] modified Lacroix lonestar for sale


I’m putting my Lacroix dream board up for sale, because I need to focus on school more.

Speed: over 40mph. I’ve seen it hit 42.6 on the davega on a full charge but I’m pretty light and it was on a down hill.
Range: probably like 50 miles I don’t know though I’ve never tested, longest I’ve ever gone was 40 miles but it was a casual cruise not like intense riding.

Cosmetically it has a few scratches on the enclosure, because it has been ridden, but mechanically everything is in tip top shape and the parts are like new. Nothing has been abused.

The battery is in perfect health, and has always been stored at 3.5v-3.6v per cell to preserve the battery health while not in use.

Parts list:

  • Lacroix Nazare lonestar 12s12p battery.

  • 205kv reachers

  • black davega x

  • Newbee pentagram v2 rims.

  • Lacroix Headlights and go pro mount, Headlights run off the main battery.

  • Hoyt Puck.

  • SKP 12s10a charger.

  • carbon skinning by senders

  • Extras include more pivot cups for the hyper trucks, and a bunch of hypertruck bushings.

Pickup preferred on this but I can also ship it.

Feel free to ask for more info or pictures.

edit: i’ll add in a flux motion at2 deck/enclosure and two APS80100 motors for the same price if it sells by the 13th



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