[SOLD] Loaded Omakase + BB enclosure | 10s3p p42a | Xenith | Okp 6354 | Whooshboards mounts | BN hangars & pulleys | VX1 | Metr

Dear folks,

Every love story comes to an end… my favourite build have to fly away so the next one can take its place in my heart :love_hotel: we spent a really fun summer together!

My beloved Omakase is partially composed by the following items to be sold in the stated packs:

Loaded Omakase deck + @BigBen enclosure + @SabreDynamics panel mount + charge port + antispark + switch + DIY epoxy tailguard
Price: 250€

BKB Xenith ESC
Price: 200€

Drivetrain: 2x Boardnamics 220mm hangers + 2x Whooshboards mounts + 4x BN pulleys (36+40T kegel+abec) + 2x @okp 6354 motors + 2x motor pulleys + some belts
Price: 350€

VX1 + receiver
Price: 30€

Metr Pro
Price: 30€

10s3p Moli p42a 432wh 135A by @pjotr47 + 10S 5A Vruzend charger
Price: 300€

Every part is in very good condition and they have been driven between 500-600km… i did not more than 40 charging cycles on both battery and remote.

The battery, ESC and the rest have been fixed to the deck with strong velcro and protected with adhesive neoprene to avoid them moving around while riding, tight fit when the enclosure is bolted on.

The tailguard, the ESC and the enclosure have all bolts secured to the deck with steel threaded inserts reinforced with epoxy. There are no more holes than required in the deck, work well done.

Total sales price on separate parts is around 1200€ but if you take it all together… let’s make it 900€ and you can also ask for anything you would like from my other post BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!! [WTS | EU] UnikBoards 6355 | Whooshboards mounts | BN pulleys | Trampa Vertigo Mini mounts | Belts | Motor pulleys | WASP!

To be sent from Madrid to everywhere, shipping costs at buyer expense and payments via PayPal (if not F&F, fee to be added on top of the price).

Now the pics (will add more from current status and the inside later on after i dismantle and clean everything):

Connectors are painted in black now, not yellow


Oi @b264 a short board AND an enertion whistle. You know you need em


You made the tail guard yourself? That’s sick!

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That’s an epic sale.

But I have far too many boards to put together still.
This will haunt me though.


I can’t believe you would let this go…

I hope if finds a good home!!!

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damn i’d have bought the whole thing if it’s in the US.

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I can ship anywhere, it might be an issue for the battery but the rest should be fine, let me know! :call_me_hand:

I can build ya a 12s3p p42a if you buy his deck and enclosure. just finished one for someone else :slight_smile:

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Yes sir!


yes man! I’m in deep depression hahaha

but… I have another Omakase on the way… with the unlimited race kit :wink:

I hope the new one is as fun as this one I’m selling!!! I had a looooot of fun riding this summer


@moderators please close this thread, mostly everything is sold! :clap: i will sell the rest on my old separate sales thread

This beauty is shifting to @Superflim