SOLD [FS] (US) $200 10s4p sanyo 18650GA pack

$200 pickup or additional USPS ground shipping.

  • Less than 5 cycles.
  • 14Ah
  • 40A max
  • Located in San Francisco,CA

Disclaimer: it pushes hard and far but not fast. Aka it sags.


Lol. “For noobs”

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Honestly not a bad deal for a “friends to ride” board. Did you build it?


I meant he ain’t wrong🤣

Took it off my Lofty complete board. Shit sags like a mofo. And I just replaced it with a fresh pack of vtc6

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What are the dimensions? (mm)

Are the large power leads bypassing a BMS or is it going through discharge FETs on a BMS?

I’m not sure about bypass.

dimension is 135x 400

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Ah. I’ll pass then. I stand by saying will definitely work for a “here ride this extra” board though.

I have single-drive boards with a 31A battery max… nothing this couldn’t handle

Is this still available?

Sorry sold. Let me update the title