[SOLD] Focbox Unity ($250 + shipping)

[WTS] [USA] Austin TX

  • Focbox Unity - Asking $250 + shipping - AVAILABLE
    Does not include Power button connector
    Bluetooth 10 pin slot has glue residue - see picture

  • 30q 10s5p Pack + BMS (built by thisguyhere) - Asking $300 + $20 shipping - SOLD
    BMS already soldered

  • Evolve 7" Hub Wheel Gear Belt Kit - Asking $170 + $20 shipping - SOLD

** Battery Display - Asking $10 shipped - SOLD*

IMG_0291 IMG_0292


Sent pm

Battery Indicator sold

Pmed about battery.

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Battery + BMS, Unity, and AT kit still available

Anyone have advice on shipping the batteries btw? I have a box my laptop shipped in filled with foam padding which the battery fits in, this enough?

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Sounds like it’ll work, just don’t ship it air, has to be ground

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Okay thanks!

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Received a few pms for the battery and at kit but none committed just yet but I expect them to be sold this weekend.

Focbox still available

AT Kit sold

Legit seller. Gets stuff shipped out fast.
I’m very pleased to have done business with him.


Interested on the battery. If no one comes through, I’m happy to buy it right away.

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Pmed with details

Battery Pack and BMS SOLD

Unity available

SOLD please close