[SOLD][EU] Overion Dual MTB Chain drive

Hi guys,

I’m selling my Overion motor mounts + transmission kits, they have less than 50km and works flawlessly.

For MBS Matrix 2, trampa & mbs rockstar 2 hubs, 8mm motor axle
Transmission : 9/42 (~4.8)

180€ (270 new) + shipping from FR


Still selling

Now with lower price !

Just to let people know, (IMO) this is the best securised mount I ever seen and use - knowing it exist since the Matrix 2 is out ! And didn’t need any evolution, expect for the motor plate, just for style/design.

If I haven’t already 4 kit and even more motor plates, I will buy it eyes closed ^^

BTW, its a really good price mate, good sale !!

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Agree, this is a really good price, especially for US folks with the euro being so close to the dollar.

I paid $20 less than this for a single chain kit shipped to US.

I have half a mind to buy it lol. But then I’d be committed to adding another motor and esc already. But at the same time this is very cheap…

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Hey @Riako do you happen to know what bolt is used on the bottom of the mount? I lost mine down the road somewhere after it stripped and the 3 set screws have been holding it straight since.

bottom, you mean the big one (M8 x 25mm HOLLOW SIX PANS, CYLINDRICAL HEAD, STEEL 8.8 ZINTED BICHRO )?
Or one of the grub-screws with “nipple” (M6 x 12mm) ? (If I remeber well)

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Sold to Saturn_Corp

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Yeah @Saturn_Corp !! Well done, DualDrive gonna be crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

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Haha had to jump on it with the price.

Now I gotta find another motor and vesc and figure out what to do with my blue mount. Maybe mix and match colors and have spare parts.

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hanger adapter shouldn’t be needed as spare,… but why not. Maybe try to resell your single (for your futur vesc/motor), and I can try (if Damweb didn’t ship too fast) to send him some motor plates for you to add in the package …?

If you agree @DamWeb, please send me an MP, for our Cali-rider!

Edit : just notice, mine will not be the last one … I don’t think all modularity is possible but … still usefull imo when its a gift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

plus shouldnt weight too much to add in te package…

Of course ! You want to add 1 mount kit ? @Saturn_Corp tell me if I arrange this with @Riako, i can wait until I receive his part and include it in the package.


Sounds good! Not really in a rush to have everything together so I don’t mind waiting a bit.

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All settled? Ok to close?


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go for it. I have 'em and they’ve been great.