SOLD [EU] - Evolve Supercarve 2x 6374 150KV - AT 175mm Drivetrain

Since I’ve upgraded to gear drive, I am selling the complete drivetrain I’ve used to ride

2x Evolve SuperCarve Trucks (front, rear)
RipTide bushings an pivot cups
4x Evolve AT Hubs with stock tyres.
All new SKF Bearings
2x Unik Boards Polaris 6374 - 150KV Motors
2x 15T Steel Motor Pulley
2x Unik Boards Evolve Motor Mounts
2x Very low kms ridden Belts
2x Brand new belts
2x Sensor wire adapter/extender

Price 275 Shipped EU:


I’ll take it


Still available.

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Bump, included shipping in price.

Bump, price lowered.

Man, this is such a good deal, shame that I have no need for it… Almost worth buying for the motors and flipping the rest…

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Would it be possible to ship these to the US?

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Sold. @longhairedboy please lock

Thanks all

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