SOLD - Enertion Focbox / New / Other $100 obo

Open box, was going to put together a build but haven’t had the chance. My loss is your gain

I’m into biking now so also just exiting the hobby. Selling to pay some bills. Make me an offer you think is fair

Can accept paypal business transaction so you have buyer protections


Need a price or mods will shut the thread down :smiley:

Ty :slight_smile: Didn’t realize that was a thing. I also have no idea what this goes for today lol


Around $100 is what I got mine for

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do you know if this is a version 1.6 or version 1.7 @the13thzac?

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hmmm it says $100 OBO… that seems like a great price… you may add what version 1.6 or 1.7 and that may help…

but $100 + shipping + paypal fees seems more than fair… and amd be a bit low by about $20 if I was in the market I’d be 100% on this…


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@the13thzac pmu

Sold to @Nacho

Ya it’s probably a decent deal, but i just moved and am trying to declutter on stuff i don’t use. just want it to find a good home :slight_smile:


well done!

a great deal is where everyone iz happy… I hope she’s going to a good home!

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