/sold!/ Eboosted Falcon Evo 36" Enclosure

Brand new falcon evo enclosure. Never mounted and no holes drilled.

Ended up needing a bigger enclosure so decided to get a different board instead lol.

Looking for 90USD+shipping, also included is the mounting hardware, vibration dampening foam and weatherproof seal (edpm rubber).

Shipping from Canada and I’m open to offers as otherwise this thing is just gonna sit here.

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Bump and dropped da price somebody build another sick falcon evo!

how much is shipping to vancouver, canada?

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Depending on postal code regular parcel shipping (4 days) seems to be around 25 cad depending on final dimensions!

I’d just charge you whatever Canada post ends up charging me :slight_smile:

Haha not sure if your still interested or not but I’ll cover the shipping cost if you choose to take it off my hands!

Sorry, realized it was 36" after and not evo 40" :’(

best of luck with the sale!

Ahhh all good it was too small for me as well!

Bump and dropped the price 10$ somebody build a falcon evo already!


How tall (Deep?) is it? will it only fit a single stack or is there enough for a double stack?


It’s just a single stack you can definitely fit a 12s4p and maybe a little more if you’re crafty I’ve seen a 13s5p with an rear focbox mount on top.

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the 10s3p i have is quite thick at 33mm, do you know the depth of it?


It’s like ~22m with no gasket at the lowest point in the center. The gasket material I have Is 5mm so probably not enough unless you do some re-arranging.


Cool, thanks for checking

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