(Sold)Bioboards deck for sale

US bioboards deck
Ship in US only or pick up I live in the CA Bay Area
350$ plus PayPal fees and shipping
New but had one chip as seen on photo


@Tello1969 If this is still up for grabs imma try to get this from u in the next two weeks.

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If it’s not, I have one just like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

oh do tell. cause after finishing my setup currently my footstance on my deck is to short for wat im use to after riding the flux deck so i need something longer XD.

Yep! Got one and all the goodies that come with it. DM me if you are interested…I am almost 100% it is this exact one for sale in this thread :joy::joy: I think I got it from sammy, I got that chip in the enclosure fixed too

That deck and enclosure is huge!


and thats why i need it haha

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Title imply such item is sold

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oh lol i didnt notice it XD

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