[SOLD] 10s5p 30Q Battery Pack

Subject: [US] 10s5p 30Q Battery Pack

Item 1
Description: 10s5p Samsung 30Q battery pack built by Hyperion Systems. BMS is charge only. There is a small hole in the shrink protection because it was rubbing on the inside of the enclosure but it did not damage the BMS. I put neoprene over the area to protect it. It still ripped when I last rode my board a few months ago. I could easily hit 33mph with a single motor and could go 30-35 miles between charges. The battery sat and drained to 27.5 volts, but should still be fine. According to Samsung’s spec sheet, the minimum voltage for 30Q cells is 2.5 Volts. Before this, they were always kept above 3.3 Volts.
Price (USD): $175 open to offers.



I’m interested. Dimensions?

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7 1/4” wide by 14” long

Bro that’s no rip on the battery wrap. Its a burn because that fucking d140 gets stupidly hot while balancing.

I know this because I also have a 10s5p 30q pack built by hyperion and it’s melted through in the exact same spot.

Just to be clear, my battery still works fine and I ride it but I always keep an eye on it while charging :eye:

Also want to get the bms replaced by @MrDrunkenMobster. I can feel the heat through my enclosure.


Try removing the blue sleeve and let the air circate and put some holes in Inclosurre.

lol at using bms, you got training wheels on your bike too

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whats your setup? i see your uninformed opinion everywhere…

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latest technology bro

Are you suggesting that having a BMS is something that only babies do? Cant wait for your shit to catch fire and for you to make a post crying about it.

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He also asked how we measure our tires psi in another thread.

Don’t feed the trolls, unless it’s @J0ker


ah okay, @xsynatic can close the thread now, no more brain damage please