SoCal 30q group buy

I’m putting feelers out there to see if anyone wants to jump in on a battery order with me. I contacted Queen battery after @Skunk’s shitshow of a battery GB and figured on submitting my own order. Queen quoted me $3.50/cell shipped to SD for 100 pcs and it gets a little cheaper with increased quantities.


  1. Local pickup in San Diego only! I’m too lazy to ship them once they get here.
  2. pay before I submit. I’m not getting stiffed for batteries I don’t need.
  3. Samsung 30q only.

To be clear, I’m not sure if this is a good idea, lol. I’m trying to give a little back to the community here but I’m basically a misanthrope so this is hard for me. If it gets harder, I’ll just quit.
Anyway, most of you that have not been on a group ride with me before probably have no reason to trust me and I’m cool with that. You can PayPal me G/S as long as you pick up the tab for the protection :+1:

Really, just looking to share the love with just a handful of people (maybe 3-4?). So if this sounds good to you, go ahead and comment below with how many you want. No PM’s yet, I’d like to keep track of everything here.

Cheers :beer:


Looks like it is a better way if everyone orders the cells he needs by himself.


I agree, lol.
I should have taken a hint from that thread, lol

Does QB have a minimum quantity? If it’s 200pc min, that’s reason enough for a GB.

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Probably don’t have a minimum, but shipping would kill the deal. Something like $50 min for shipping

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