Smart 21700/18650 Capacity Tester / Monitor

I started building more and more battery packs and I want a more “reliable” but also quick and pain free way of testing large amounts of Cells, ( preferably 6-10 cells at a time) something akin through wifi or usb or even better stand alone, snap in say 8 cells, have it charge them to full and do a capacity test on them and lay out all the stats of the cells.

I do not know of any really reliable units to do this besides basic 4 slot “smart” chargers, but with both liitokalla and Xtar i found them requiring way to much manual upkeep and tracking from my part, also the values are not always very accurate as they differ alot more than I’d like it too, not to mention they’re so slow.

So any products you battery builders can reccomend, maybe @Battery_Mooch have some great reccomendations to throw in.

So far only product I seem to find is the Mega Cella Charger, but reviews on it semt pretty bad, maybe im wrong, I’d love to just find a decent product.

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The Mega is the only one I know of.
I’m thinking you’re going to have to build it or commission someone else to do it.

Damn I wanted to make a hobby charger/capacity tester general thread guess I forgot to.

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Have you tested it, I spent last night trying to find some projects found some arduino projects, maybe follow up on of those tracks, get into the diagrams what’s necessary for a battery tester, but probably maybe getting one of those Mega Cell chargers and just fixing all it’s “kinks”

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You could totally make a thread about the more simple “low volume” testers, they’re the most common ones anyways.

Sorry, I haven’t.