Smallest USB gps tracker?

There’s plenty of chinese crap out there. Question is: which is the smallest and does the job?

Must have:
Usb male port
Sim card slot
Signal in an enclosure near wires
Respond with easy to understand location
Ideally around the same profile of LM2596HV buck converter (the kind that’s fixed to 5v and has a female usb port on it)


I’m not very experienced with qwad hardware but I know they make small GPS modules for them. There might be something out there made for qwads that fits your needs.

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It’s sold out but this one is designed specifically for our boards.


I also need one of those, but they are sold out

@BuildKitBoards any plans to stock those or another product in the future?


Yea I need a couple

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I have quite a few left. But I don’t feel like supporting them for only $10/pc (or $30/pc for that matter).

These aren’t straight forward enough to just sell. Even with documentation people still have loads of questions


That thing fits the description feature wise but it’s huuge, out of stock forever and has weird cabling. First thing i’d do is strip out the entire shell and hard wire it to the battery but even then i have no space anywhere. But a gps as tall and as wide as a usb port? Different story

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Did anyone try this crap?