Sliding corners on the track

So this time I am on a closed track, not a bike path (so some of you will be happy for that lol)


Does sliding corners improve your track time is is it just for fun?


I don’t mind the bike paths or whatever, just overtaking fast will bite us in the ass


I’ll find out the next session, didn’t record any lap times

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I’m just messing around lol


Increases your shred score forsure


shred score



Technical and entirely theoretical mumblings coming in now:

On hardened and grippy ground, sliding will never increase corner speed.
In a vehicle with 4 wheel brakes where locking up the wheels is possible, sliding will also not decrease braking time

But most boards are neither 4wd, nor able to lock up the wheels. So if it is done in such a way that the sliding is used only to brake the board and maybe point it in a direction that will be helpful after the braking, then yes it can improve overall lap times.

AFAIK Michael Schumacher had a technique that he was known for when he was still in go-karts, where he would slide with both axles to brake, as gokarts are remarkably similar to our boards. RWD, rear wheel brakes, very basic suspension.


Oof. Sliding gokarts sucks :rofl: so bouncy :rofl:

So it is similar to FWD cars where they are sliding not drifting, ideally if I am sliding in the apex it might be faster than braking before it (could also just block the apex to push people into the outside and take a bad line). But we will see as I eventually get to race people

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The thing about sliding is the coefficient of kinetic friction is lower so you have less grip once you are sliding. There are uses to drifting like making corrections quickly but you can’t go as fast through a turn once you are sliding, but it may be he only thing you can do at the time. This is my simple understanding and maybe with rolling friction there are cases for drifting and an expert can explain it

I’d say we hover between fwd style and rwd style momentum/power depending on wheels/duro and conditions. On gravel and tb110 I can drift with the throttle like crazy and its awesome. I wouldn’t say its faster than wheels that would grip through those same conditions though.

My logic is if you can make your brakes better without skidding do that instead of sliding to shave speed before a corner

TLDR drifting is slower, only in a downhill hairpin do you really have an advantage