SKP 6485 Modors…V6 preorder 🧲 (Shipped)

Ordering my next batch of motors!

The V6 will have curved magnets :leftwards_arrow_with_hook::magnet:

Excited to try out this change and see how it compares to the V5 regular magnets which were phenomenal as they were. Curved magnets have a few advantages in our application, one of which is denser magnetic flux, more flux…more power :rocket::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Another good change is the addition of a retaining ring at the top of the motor can, I havnt seen these motors have issues with the magnets moving out of place but this will make them even more secure

If any forum members would like to DM for a customized KV and motor shaft option feel free to checkout below with the discount code

“Reservation” (15% off)

Also for the next 10 days these motors will have free shipping. Use code


The free shipping is only for US customers this saves you another $15-20
Although you may not have to use the “ship” discount code, working on just having free shipping available for these motors for the next 10 days…I’m just an internet noob is all.

These two discount codes can be used together🛹 but may not have to be.

I will likely not co to use to stock all of these KV options

My regular stock will likely continue to be 151 and 173kv 8mm shaft motors. So take advantage of this if you want something specific.

Il be running this preorder for the next 10 days, motors generally take 3 weeks to produce and roughly 1 week shipping over to myself. Will after that need another week to get everything out to you guys.

If you happen to buy a motor that I have in stock with whatever shaft/KV combo you want I will ship those immediately if you don’t care for the curved magnets, il follow up with an email or DM and give you the option…however stock is running very low, hence the restock.

Thank guys!!

One note, SKP will no longer be printed on the motors, will just have my logo on them

P.S. looking to get these with the better 4mm bullets as a pose to the banana jack. Will update

P.S.2 DM for KV values outside of the ones available in the link, and I can inquire if those are possible

More P.S.

Most ride videos on my channel features Reacher Motors all of the recent ones feature V5 motors, I’ve been using them or a version of them for almost a year now and they perform really really well, very smooth very quite, easily serviceable.

Even more P.S

There are 7490 motors available They have a higher pole count and are available in 135/179/265kv if interested in these please also DM me these will cost $220 per motor and are only available with a 10mm shaft


Show me those curves


Snap, I didn’t even think to ask for a pic :laughing: will get one asap but likely not for a few hours since China be sleeping rn.


I’m just messing with you.

But oh snap I didn’t expect you to actually try to procure a pic for us :slightly_smiling_face:

:1st_place_medal: for u Artem


Sooo are we to assume this will be - $200 per motor?

So for two motors, $400 straight, free shipping?

For example, I’d want 2x 173kv with 8mm shaft


$340 plus tax and free shipping is what it boils down too


Alright DM incoming in a little bit


Have you ever thought of making motors with angled magnets? Assuming these are sinusoidally wound, using angled magnets would produce a more sinusoidal BEMF and make the motors far more efficient and lower noise.


I have not, and my order quantities for motors are abysmally low to pull of any sort of shenanagins like that :grinning:


Straight cut motors? :x:

Helical and herringbone motors? :white_check_mark:


Idk if a herringbone motor would actually work…

There’s science behind the sinusoidal BEMF thing though.

Are the sensor pcbs on these motors repairable/removable?

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You bring up a good point…I’m going to surgery one of these tommorow morning :sunglasses:

Edit: @Brooklyn not easy, the PCB is very glued to the laminated core


Picture of curved magnets.

UH45 should also be even quieter than the motor already is

Similar temperature rating to the EH38 I used to order for these motors

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What’s up with the 7490 motors? Why bigger motors? Just curious about the reasoning.

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Just want to try em out, they have really cool cooling channels in the stator. Like air is actually able to flow inside the stator. Also 10 pole pairs, so it’s a bit smoother and they are quite a bit more powerful. The 265kv one is rated at 10KW!!! Insane!


You got any photos of the 7490 motors next to the 6485? Might have to try and grab a set of these haha.


@Andy87 thank you for pointing this out!

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Also, is the 15% discount code available for the 7490 motors? Very interested in a set of two at 179kv.

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No, those will not have a discount, pretty much close to cost on them anyway. DM if you want a set

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