Single flipsky 6.6 £80 UK/EU (Sold!)

As the title suggests I have a single flipsky 6.6 heatsink version still in the packaging for sale.

Website price £136 plus international shipping plus taxes = roughly £176.

My price is £80 plus shipping to you. Grab a bargain :ok_hand:


Will you take £8 and a sandwich?

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does it come with a recept for the guarentee~?

I opted to receive it as a replacement for a DOA 4.20 dual that went back to them. So no, there is no receipt.

In my experience though a receipt is not required with flipsky if a part goes wrong?

Flipsky CS tends to be quite good if you give them information about what’s gone wrong correctly - receipts aren’t needed usually.

Good deal, considering picking it up myself but I only need a 10S one right this minute and my wallet is hurting from replacing some parts on my own build. GLWS

Ok will keep an eye on this waiting for a big cheque to arrive

I’m genuinely surprised this is still here.

because you didn´t take on the sandwich offer from @Dirt_Bag
… i´m sure if you ask politely he will even let you be in the middle position…


@Brenternet PMing you

Because i am a generous person, i will offer you £8.75 and an extra slice of lettuce for the sandwhich. I suggest you take my offer. Ill pay shipping.

To be clear, the sandwich is of the edible variety. But @Andy87 's idea sounds alright as well. Just let me know

This is sold now and shipped.

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@mmaner @BillGordon time to close this

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