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edit: wasn’t supposed to post yet :man_facepalming:t5:

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More Updates!!!
and massive shoutout to MBoards, it’ll be at the end.

The board is here, it’s not running 100% but it’s here.
I have the Nova 7in tires on the MBS XL’s and they look great on the board if I do say so myself. I haven’t done too many hard miles on em but I think they grip better than the SKP 175’s because of that flat profile and how much rubber is on these tires.

The racing slicks and quick release tires are in the room waiting for adapters from @ShutterShock. (Thank you bro)

RGB strip has been hardwired into the board and I like how it looks now. Also have an extra charge port to charge my phone or remote as needed.

I might end up building a 12s board for that solo v2, we’ll see after the event what happens and how our finances look.

Now for the bad news…
Broke my trucks, same failure point each time, but they were both from slamming into stationary objects at high speed. First time was back home running into a pole which broke my motor loose and messed up some gears. The failure point has already been addressed in the second and future iterations but it still sucks…Second time i broke the truck was here in Vegas changing input settings and the board. The board started pulsing the throttle and took off after changing the control type. Fortunately it was in a building and not on the street but it bent my truck bolts and sheared another on the truck. Tried to remove that sheared bolt and it didn’t work out so we were screwed. I damn near threw some nexus trucks on the front just so I could get the board working enough to go on the group rides.

MASSIVE shoutout to MBoards and crew.

They happened to have a set of gen 2 Newbee hangars that they’re letting me borrow until I get that front truck from Stooge which I’ll have whenever he arrives in Vegas. (Yes I’ll be running one Stooge and one Newbee truck whenever I remove that hammock from MBoards) They also let me use their shop/tools to work on the trucks and get the board back up and running. Sidewinder racing in this event was made entirely possible by them.

After this second crash, the board is gonna be getting the full short rod truck setup from Stooge and I’ll be switching back to good ol belt drive which also means more testing of the thane belts!!!
My Esk8con trip has been very hectic so far but things are finally looking up. :crossed_fingers:t5:


Metr doesn’t usually report the correct amperage at the time of fault in my experience in that view. There should be another way to view that fault which tells you what it actually saw. Couple things

What’re your current settings? Absolute max?
Do you have slow abs on?

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i think they were at 100 continuous (i think) and 175 absolute max , 70 battery. slow and and traction control were on. fault time was 85ms.

i looked for it on the fault page after the ride and i couldn’t find it on there unfortunately.

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I personally run 50ms fault time so these faults are more of a blip then something that will street face me. But 85ms probably was ok? Maybe the loose trucks like you said contributed to the harder fall.

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Awesome to hear it dude! I had a panic moment when I shipped my board to Carve PDX. Unwrapped my baby, put the trucks and wheels back on, went to charge it up,

POP :firecracker:

Board won’t turn on… Whole trip is fucked…

After some calming down by Poast and the Gnome, the jostling during shipment had caused the waterproof port cover to somehow bend the barrel pin sideways so my charger was shorting it. Chucked a new charge port fuse in, bent the pin back with a fork (unplugged from battery obvi), and we were all good.

What are the freaking odds of them having that hanger though :exploding_head:


yeah i dropped it to 50 not too long ago. i haven’t pushed it too hard but it’s been running fine since that event.

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dude, it couldn’t have been more perfect. if they didn’t have the hangar, i would’ve had to go belt drive and a slightly unfamiliar setup on the stooge links. now i can run the newbees until we’re done racing. i’m also able to go on the group ride tonight now.


I lied, it’s on a full stooge setup now. thank you @MoeStooge for getting those 3links built so quickly on such short notice. After I get back home, I’ll post a comparison of them both. And thank you @Skyart for the motors and letting use ya tools.

@janpom @rpasichnyk I had my board ghost into a wall and the Megan has been acting up ever since. I thought it was a loose cable but they both seem to be fine. The screen cuts to white randomly and then has to reset or will sometimes be stuck on the white screen till I restart my board. Any idea what could possibly be happening?

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Does that happen randomly or upon hard acceleration? I have heard of people having a voltage drop on the ESC’s 5V rail as high currents are pulled.

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i’m pretty sure it wasn’t just in hard pulls. probably won’t mess with it till i get home but i’ll put it in the other uart port and see if there are any changes

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it just happened not too long ago and it happened right after a hard pull

You might want to try adding a small capacitor to the 5v rail.
Some of the first gen little foccers greatly benefitted from a small cap


how would i go about that?

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I ordered the capacitor for my board from makers pev. It’s just a little cap with a 2pin jst that you plug into the 5v on the vesc.

can you go into more detail on how exactly you did it?

I’ll see if i have a pic of the cap when i get home from work

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I was about to make the same suggestion.

The capacitor need to be connected in parallel with Megan, i.e. solder one leg to 5V and the other leg to GND.

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just reminding ya about that pic lol

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