Should you join a chain gang?

I have to agree

06B-2 :joy:

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That’s interesting. I thought the reason I got the jam was that they were too loose… but what you’re saying makes sense.

Actually they should be not too tight nor too loose, either of those can cause issues. In my experience it is better to have it on the tighter side but not too tight. Its pretty easy to set up though and easy to maintain. Best thing about chains, I find them to be bullet proof and that’s why we are releasing a chain drive!


Yeah, I worked through it with Jens and concluded my chains were set up correctly. Either I’ve been terribly unlucky or you’ve been incredibly lucky.

The right track on chain drive development, as far as I’m concerned, is what @Andy87 is doing with his double-stage drive. It keeps all the moving parts as far out of the way as possible.


incredibly heavy though, so much steel. Its exactly what we didn’t want for these drives. I take it off roading isn’t really your thing? A chain drive that’s as light as possible is there to compete with belt drives in the off road scene. Of course it will never be as light as belts, but its orders of magnitude stronger and more reliable. Mud kills belt drives very quickly, you can go through several belts in one session but if you want that ease of maintaining and something that’s a lot stronger for not too much of a weight penalty then the chain drive is a good choice.

Hard to say but chain drives are old tech, its been done before and quite a few people ride them in the UK. Im not the only person testing our chain drives.


Well, heavy-er, yeah, but I’ll take that weight penalty over the death penalty any day of the week.


@Facko chain drive finally getting the attention it deserves and fitted to the Flux

A few mods to the mounts to allow for motor removal and made a cutout to clear the phase wires.

Flux DNA reborn… and now with swappable belt and pulley drivetrain :wink: