Shortboard commuter | Cruise and charge hills

Hi All

I have been reading lots of posts and planning my first DIY build.

Currently developing a shopping list…or maybe a dream list. Keen on feedback if you think it will deliver what I’m targetting for function / use.

Function / Target:

  • Have a kicktail and urethane wheels so it feels like riding a skateboard.
  • Geared for tackling long hills of upto 25% grade. Top speed of 35 to 40 km/h would probably be quite ok.
  • 33 inches or shorter deck and use max size trucks of caliber style 10 inch / 184mm.
  • Use it for short commute after catching bus during the week and cruise on local smooth paths in the weekends.

Proposed parts list so far:

  • Loaded Omakase
  • Caliber trucks 10 inch / 184mm with boardnamics precision hanger for rear truck
  • boardnamics motor mounts with idler - propose forward facing mounted.
  • dual 6354 190 kv flipsky motors from boardnamics
  • 14t motor pulley, 40t wheel pulley boardnamics
  • 85mm orangatang caugama wheels
  • Molicel p42a 12s2p battery with BMS
  • Stormcore 60d+
  • not sure on remote yet
  • Probably a custom enclosure

Not sure if these specs go well together to achieve the goal or not. Welcome any feedback. Also, are there any areas where im way over speced and could reduce cost?

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If you’re gonna forward mount motors don’t get the idler mounts. The regular 63xx mounts have a smaller profile that is more friendly for forward mounting. If you’re using a bigben enclosure it’s gonna be even harder to forward mount and clear the enclosure. I’d love to see what you can make if you go the custom route. Are you thinking of doing fiberglass, 3dprint or something else?

Also use BN trucks on both the front and the back. Since the BN trucks have wider axles, the front truck will appear narrower and it’s not a great look. Otherwise this is gonna be one awesome and fun shortboard!


Oh and I forgot to mention im 90kgs plus a 2 or 3 kg back pack.

I weigh about the same and I have a fairly similar build. Shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve gone over 30mph on my shortie haha.

Also, adding a location to your profile can help. If you’re in Europe then there may be parts from stores specifically in Europe that may be easier to obtain and or cheaper.

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Thanks for the motor mount tip! Wouldnt risk skipping belts with the 14 t motor pulley without the idler?

I was thinking fiberglass most likely.

I figured the different in tracking width would only be a bearing on each wheel from the pulleys on the rear? Figured that would be ok to manage as a difference and be hard to spot? I dont think it would present any handling issues - might even help?

Eh 14 is fine. I’d just get 15t from not boardnamics (since he doesn’t have). You aren’t gonna lose much of anything and you won’t have to worry about skipping period

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I’m in New Zealand…so no parts are close to me! Ha. I dont even think there is a loaded Omakase in the country at any shops right now.

So it makes ordering parts together a preference to save on shipping. Hence trying to get the whole drive train mostly from one place - so far Boardnamics looms like rhe ticket for the complete drive drain part.

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Nah it’s mostly a cosmetic and durability thing. Buy expensive once vs buy cheap twice, especially since you arent light per se.

Gotcha. Yeah, in that case 14 should be fine. If you tension them right skippage won’t be an issue.

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Another deck option I was eyeing up was the powell OG ripper as its a 10 inch x 30 inch. I think id have to go a smaller battery like say a 12s2p with 30ef cells. But that steps the battery current output to 30 amps continuous (i think?).

Its a cheaper deck and thats a much cheaper battery than the p42a. But would I get the power I need for the hills with a 12s2p 30ef batt with dual 6354s?

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Probably not. I’d stick with the p42a. They’ll also last longer, so it’s defo worth it.

I’ll see if I can fit a p42a pack in a shorter wheel base Powell OG rat bones then…to see if thats an option. Saves about 150 NZD going for the powell deck instead of loaded.

Couple of quick checks and can’t see how I could make a battery pack work on the short board. I have seen a few short powell boards on here - will go see how they fit.

Kia ora bro! Where abouts u located?
I remember my nz times quite fondly. I defo remember a LOT of hills.
I love your goals and I think this will be a killer build for you! Defo go 2 motors. 12s2p 42a’s will be a surprisingly good amount of battery for short commute purposes. Keep the thing light. Especially if you’re lugging it around to get around. The loaded boards are supreme. But the roi to get it there might not be worth it. Defo consider the re-issue options if they’re readily available. Or something of that ilk. Tkp trucks do great on them if you don’t plan to rip ass. Dial the trucks in with decent angles and good bushings. Makes ALL the difference haha. Rkp are fine too as @b264 would attest. You’ll LOVE it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was able to fit 12S2P p42a in the small MBoard enclosure with x2 6354 flipsky motors inward my trucks are now fitted with BN hangers front and back making room for the new 105 boosted clones by Verreal boards.


Hello @Carl_J-rome, let me welcome you to the forum! Very clean looking build man!
@Kiwi, there you go. Excellent example.
What’s your range like on this little guy?

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Great looking build and looks pretty much what i’m aiming for! I have so many questions…haha.

What is your truck size from BN?

Motor mounts look like they have good clearance and angle - what type are they?

Do your wheel pulleys have bearings? (Are they the BN ones?)

Would love to see your battery arrangement inside - orientation of cells etc.

What type of ESC and BMS do you have?

Thanks - might send you a message if that’s ok.


@rosco you have brethren here!