Shortboard and Mountainboard build and parts for SALE

Come one come all and welcome to my, can’t justify having 5 PEV’s sale featuring, I might be moving soon so I have to get rid of some bulk! I have a bunch of stuff for sale from my 2 prebuilts, a shortboard and a mountainboard, and I have some individual parts I want to offload but I haven’t taken pictures of that so I’ll get to that later.

The shortboard has like 20 miles max on it while the mountainboard is all brand new. Took it for a test drive for one block and then never rode it again, shame. I bought everything brand new unless stated in the listing for the individual parts. If you’re interested I’ll take better pictures of the parts you want but for now the full pictures are available. Cheers guys and I hope y’all can make something great from the remnants of my boards.

Oh, also I’m located in NYC if you want to meet in person instead of going for the hassle of shipping, that’s also fine.

Shortboard dual hub motor (I don’t really want to part it out but I’ll see based on the interest)

Deck: Landyachtz 2020 Dinghy Crown Peak

ESC: WOWGO dual hub motor with screen remote that shows telemetrics

Battery: 10s2p 4AH

Motor: 90mm dual hub motors

Case: Hand made with glass fiber boards with a neoprene foam bed to make it water resistant

All parts were bought new, everything has less than 20 miles on it total, I thought I’d use the shortboard more often than I did

Price $400 OBO + shipping or local pick up in NYC

2. AT Mountainboard (Have no problem parting out) SOLDDDD

Deck: MBS Core 94 Deck (has threads drilled into the bottom for the case) $80

ESC: Two Torqueboards VESC6 - $120 each

Motors: Two flipsky 6374 - $90 each

Battery: 12s6p Sanyo 20700 21Ah: Bought used previously, has ~1k miles on it. Still charges to full and works no problem. Recently had it refreshed by a local battery worker to re-wrap and lay down proper fish paper. Comes with 3D printed case made from nylon. - $200

Bindings: MBS F5 bindings - $90

Trucks: aliexpress chinese trucks - $60

Motor mount: aliexpress chinese motor mounts and covers - $30

Pulley set: 20T-62T - $40

Tires: sunmate 8x2 / 200x50 black tires - $140

Pelican Case + battery meter - $50

antispark switch - flipsky smart antispark $30

Chargers: YZPower 2A/5A - $20/$40
Hoyt Puck Red or Purple, your choice + receiver with 3D printed case: $100

Combo deals:

Drive train (trucks+mount+motors+tires+pulleys) - $320

Power train (battery+chargers+charging port) - $250

Brain box (esc+case+meter+switch+all the wires necessary to make it run [basically everything you see in the box]) - $300

Complete board: $1200


Cool deals ! Just out of curiosità is that a 3D printed enclosure ?

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Yup! Found the files on this very forum, changed the size to my needs and printed it from nylon. It took so long and many many failed tries lol


I know XD made one once, less good looking than this one, it was a pain to make ^^

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Oh it looks good because it’s not zoomed in lol. Nylon is an amazinfly.strong material but I can’t trim the stray strands too easily


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