Short boardnamics 10-8 stepped axles?

Hey! bought 270mm hanger with 10-8 stepped axles (because 10mm was not in stock) and as i saw on web, it should be from tip to hanger 51-52mm

I meassured mine and its only like 45 or 46mm and i simply cant fit nut on axle.

am using onsra wheels (hota 150mm) with 66T pulleys

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Send us a picture of the other side


just to know, this is not first time am doing this, imo, they just sent shorter axle…

@Evwan what do you think

Can I see how you’ve installed the axle? You’re gonna have to take more pictures

@Evwan i just took it put some loctite on ot and screwed in, took 2 nuts and screw it in by them

take a picture of the axle with a mm tape measure next to it. If it really is 45mm, something is off.


Email that picture to boardnamics and they’ll take care of it for you


@Shadowfax i will, and i already did, but i guess, i will just machine off like 5mm of hanger, so axle is just little but longer, i dont think it will somehow affect the structure of hanger, if i will take of just like 5mm

I would wait to hear back from @Boardnamics before cutting the ends off the trucks.

You might also be able to insert a spacer inside the truck, to prevent the axle from fully inserting. I’d much rather do that, instead of milling the truck width down.