shoes and footbrake

Oh I have no idea lol. Seems like it should in theory?


You could always do like I did and buy a $10 pair of shoes to burn every month all season. When I rode strictly analog a pair of shoes wouldn’t last me more than 6 weeks at best.

I know this isn’t the cheapest or even shoe braking but I saw this:

If you are interested in something like this or maybe just spark some ideas?


I like the creativity of it, but I can’t see it as practical on a pushboard,
I breaks it is, maybe discs on the wheels would be more appealing, but it needs some sorte of remote control even though it’s an analog board, I’m not a fond of the nail thing to find and press when you are in a hurry

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I want those ub soles and not even for skating.

You do a lot of tapdancing? Why else would you want them? :smile:

I generally walk around 17-20 miles a day when I’m working. That, plus esk8, equals the bottom support in my shoes crumbling in about 2 months max. I need new ones right now actually, I can feel it if I step on a cigarette butt. A soft rubber layer on the bottom of my shoe sounds nice and comfy. Insoles are nice, buuuut since I also work at the beach, they get sandy and ruined really fast too.

Also, part of my job is pushing very heavy carts full of tables up a very steep loading ramp, and every little bit of traction makes a huuuuuuge difference there.


I wear rangers one half of the year and hiking sandals the next six months, was really difficult to adapt to skateboarding xD

Non-slip work shoes are my favorite skate shoes. You don’t even really need any griptape with em unless you’re in the wet. Just get a pair of cheapo kitchen shoes and never look back lmao

this mans about to destroy the whole mf griptape industry

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I don’t walk this much any more but I think I have a wonky gait so I absolutely murder soles as well. Have you ever looked into repairing them yourself? I’ve gotten ok at repairing jeans and jackets now but haven’t pushed myself to shoes yet because it seems like a mess

I can reattach the soles when they’re still complete, but I’m talking literally crumbles. like chunks of sole falling out when I take em off. Hate it. it’s worse this time of year from the brutal summer temps. Ahhh what brand were they… Brahmins I think? Yeah brahmins, those are the only work shoes that last for me, but those only get a good 4 months if I’m skating on em too.

Get the soles dude. I destroy shoes too. I stuck a pair of the freebrake soles on a few months ago and they still look brand new.


Oh yeah there’s no point reattaching worn out soles, I meant replacing them. As far as I can tell it’s easier on older styles rather than complex running shoes or whatever but it’s otherwise doable

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I’ve triedddddd, but it only seems worthwhile for nicer shoes. Just end up burning through soles instead of whole shoes. If I’m working in em, rather just keep getting whole fresh pairs, keeps the higher ups off my ass as well.

I got these about 2 months ago T.T
Finally ordered some new ones yesterday.