Shockwave | Trampa 11Ply 2wd 7000watt Trailbasher | 10s5p Samsung 30T | Apex Air and Trampa Barrel truck | Spintend remote | Unity Vesc | METR Unity | Etoxx Wings | Free bindings

This is my first DIY built, that has been rebuilt, then rebuilt then rebuilt, this board has rocked everything from Trampa mini tricks with cloudwheels to 150mm pneumatics to 97mm thanes, however she finally reached her final form before I’m selling her.

The premise (was)

  • Can go anywhere ( was intitally a 6374 4WD setup, which was way to scary in my opinion on such a flexible board)
  • More flex in the board instead of the suspension (or wheel hence the cloudwheels)
  • IDEA labs motor mounts for a clean and simple belt drive
  • Ratchet bindings for the sweet precise control
  • LiFePo4 battery with 200 Amp continous battery discharge and 420A peak

What she became

  • Can go almost anywhere anywhere
  • for AT purposes 175mm wheels was just a better choice
  • Trampa open belt drive was a nice and clean look to run with the trampa rear truck
  • Open bindings, because one crash on asphalt made be reconsider ever using ratchet bindings again
  • More capacity over high discharge with a 15Ah battery, but a tad cheaper cells(still outputs a max of 225 battery amps without breaking a sweat)

The result
I love her, but just turned out to be an offroad beast, the flex lets her hit hills and any terrain as you please, however it turned out my fluxx perfomed okay for the AT riding I do, also I dont like hitting MTB trails with a esk8, probably stay with EUC for that purpose.

So far
I have barely ridden her since the latest revision just some test runs and she is alot of fun, just turned out to be a completely different board then when I started and my collection growing from 1-2 boards, to 5-7 boards, she just takes too much space.

Whats next
One of those boards I’m “done” with, she needs a new loving home for some hard rider that loves beating up a track.

Parts List
Deck: Trampa 11 Ply Holy Pro Carver deck
Trucks: Apex Air front truck and Trampa Barrel truck
Open belt drive: Trampa OBD, 16 - 66 tooth ratio I believe it was nice and torquey
Battery Samsung 30T 10s5p, custom cell holder that I designed and 3d printed to fit inside the top mounted case, cells where “cheap” and they function great so just built something quick n easy.
ESC: Unity Vesc basic setup, rebuilt to always be on passed anti spark ICU and have a external Flipsky Anti spark
Motor: Alien Power Systems, 6374, these are my most loyal motors I have, running at a steady 4000 watt each.
Antispark: Flipsky 200A antispark been working flawlessly so far
Remote: Spintend Remote, nice n easy in my books
Wheels Rockstar 2’s with evolve 175mm (7") tires and Phatlads with a spare in the rear.

If you have any questions about the board itself or setup, just ask.


Do you mean 30Q? Such a pack would only be good for 100A discharge, nowhere near 225A.

You can use their remote with a non-ubox ESC? Didn’t know that

Ain’t that the truth :smile: I hope it wasn’t too bad

  1. No, not 30Q would never use 18650 cells again, its 21700 30T cells (typo) which can do 45A each without worry.

  2. You can use Spintend remote, with non spintend Vescs by using their external BT connector, works better than the built in one.

  3. Oh it was my first and so far only ER visit due to esk8 :slight_smile: broke enough stuff there.

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Not sure what graphs u been looking at, this is what I got with 10s googlefu:

30A seems to stress these cells to max. you’d lose overall 30% capacity and cylcelife of the cells would be horrible at those levels. Not to mention how hot they’ll get.

Personally I wouldn’t stress these past 20A/cell cont. preferably less.


That’s 40T, here’s the 30T


As Flyboy corrected you, it’s 30T not 40T and just two things, I’ll be amazed to find someone that can actually discharge 225 Battery Amps with 2x 6374 (let me tell you the motors are gonna melt before you do that) secondly one should consider these loads as a burst, not continous, so this particular setup is overkill for most things :slight_smile:

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well, you didint specify peak or cont load so I was just pointing that out :slight_smile:
Yes the 30T looks better in regards to current, my misstake. 45A is still pretty rough tho.
Keep in mind that the manufacturer specs usually apply in thermal controlled conditions.

Regardless, if you can subject your batteries to less current, the better health wise.
No matter if its peak or not :slight_smile:

I agree with you that pulling 240A devided on two of those motors will be hard. You’d have to tow a car uphill to reach anything near it. I bet you that the cables would melt before any motor did tho. Setting limits is still a safety countermeassure tho.

for a 5p pack of 30T I’d set abs bat max to 5x25A. So roughly 60A per side, without beeing conservative.

I’m abit biased tho. I’m damaged from working with li-ion batteries everyday and I’d rather treat them as well as I possibly can then the opposite :slight_smile:


This board looks like loads of fun!

One tiny thing… The external MR60 motor connections make me nervous.

Consider adding some way to secure them. Zip ties are not the most aesthetically pleasing but they are effective.

Not to nit pick. You’re a seasoned builder. Carry on…


Oh, its really no biggie, they are connected super stiff, it’s just me building and rebuilding thats why it’s not completely plugged. :slight_smile:

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Sure but they should manage a peak load of 45A no worries, my xt90 would melt before the cells would have any issues :rofl: