Ship times vs Cost

You forgot apex also lighter


The newest version of them solves the problems people had in the past.
New wheel adapter design, motor support bearing, and twice the holding surface area really helped.


DO NOT BUY FROM BOARDNAMICS!!! your order will take at least 3 weeks if you harass him everyday AND he is full of excuses - NOT a man of his words

I’ve order from mboards twice. One time they shipped it in a couple days and it arrived within the week, the other time it took them two weeks to ship it.

Unless things have changed mboards motor pulleys are aluminum with tiny grubs… I’ve actually ordered pulleys from both janux and boardnamics in the last month, and both showed up in less than a week.

Just get straight cuts and then all your problems are solved. Nobody has ever had a pinion break loose on BN straight cuts with loctite 638 or 648 (green). Zero. Straight cuts are the way

BN is one guy (who is also in college), who is an honest person to purchase from and deal with. He may or may not have delays that range up to a few weeks. Just ask him if all the stuff you want is in stock before you purchase. And then send him helpful reminders if stuff isn’t mailed within a few days.

BN stuff is a freaking good deal, but sometimes you gotta wait a while for shipping. Apex jump drives cost 50% more for comparison. I’m sure shipping is more too from England.

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Ahhh this ^^^ makes bn wait times make a lot more sense :sweat_smile: i guess thats the cost of getting cool shit for reasonable prices :rofl:


Yeah im getting a set of straight cut soon, my motor can started to have some movement again and I dont wanna have to replace a set of Reachers lol…


What does Mr college man BN think… I ride mostly street, but very aggressive, is strait cut the way to go?


Do it!

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Ok well now I’m very interested. But will they work with my 8mm bore, keyway SKP 6485s!

And will it work with my Savage1 trucks?

Savage said his trucks work with BN gear drive and Jump drives but I’m not sure that includes strait cut?!

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Actually the more I look at these. I realize they don’t exactly work with AT wheels huh?

I almost always ride AT because I live with Boston roads🤮

I am using 6485 Reachers with 8mm keyway shaft and they fit great. Running 200x50 wheels. I work in Boston :wave:t2:

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Might be looking at the street drives. The M1-AT only works on AT wheels.
They can fit on savage1 trucks.

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Yes, buy the apex air adapters (22x22mm)

It does.

BN-AT works with any MBS or Trampa bolt pattern AT hub

Is it though? The price you pay reflects the cost of making quality things that last. How many issues do you see posted on here about Jump drives? Sure we’ve deffo had a couple but they are very few and far between. Jump drives just work, for thousands and thousands of miles without intervention. There’s a premium to purchase them over some rivals yes, but that buys confidence and durability that will pay for itself over the time you use them. For what it’s worth I’m still riding prototype gears.


Yes, cost is objectively a con.

Listing high cost as a benefit is just not correct imo. By that logic the more expensive something is, the better it inherently is.

I understand the point you’re making tho, and in your case it might be fair to also include a “higher quality (pro)” line in the breakdown.


+1 for jump drives. Far and away the absolute best gear drives I have installed/used.

I don’t even like gear drives.


Yes it’s a con.

I think you’ve done a fantastic job with the jump drives.

Paying significantly more money for one thing when trying to make a decision between two products is objectively a con.

My straight cut boardnamics drives will run for thousands of miles with zero maintenance. You can try to make the case that jump drives are more durable than straight cut BN drives but I don’t think you are correct. I have never heard of a BN-AT failure with straight cuts.

I consider jump drives comparable to BN drives (straight cut caveat) in many ways and there are pros and cons of both. I think they are both fantastic options, but one costs 50% more than the other.