Several Brushless motors for sale

I have 3 unused brushless motors for sale.

  1. NEO 110 295kV ---------$30USD

2)NEO 110 295kV----------$30USD

3)NEO 160 245kV----------$60USD


I’ve only shown 1 picture of the 110 motor because they are both the same…

are these rebranded racerstar motors?
I’m not familiar with the Neo brand

after further research not racerstar motors but rebranded something motors

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The are not the RideNeo by Jeff Wu motors are they?


What mounting pattern are they? I might be interested

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I don’t think he ever got that project past “we can make motors too”

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Not sure about that. Sorry

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May I send you a picture?

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It would be best to add it to this thread so people can know. Can I also ask where these were used from? Or what they were going to be used for?


They were always going to be used to build an electric skateboard. I just never got around to using them. They are brand new

I was totally about to tag you in this for your unobtainium collection.

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image image

Hope these extra pictures help with mounting questions

They look like Saite motors maybe

What is the shaft diameter?

What is the outside diameter of the motor?

What is the total length of the motor, excluding shaft?


Are those similar to the r-spec Enertion motors? If so, they scream like beautiful angels

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Neo 160 Series C6364 245KV Brushless Electric Outrunner Motor

Specification: Rpm/V: 245kv (rpm/v)

Shaft: 9.98mm Diameter

Voltage: 9S~10S (33.3v to 37v)

Weight: 632g

Max Current(A): 80A Max

Voltage(V): 37V

Resistance(ohm): 0.03 Max

Watts: 2320W

Suggested Prop: 18x8 , 20x10

Dimensions: 64mm x 63mm

Package Content: 1 x 6364 Outrunner Brushless Motor


I don’t see any photos of the back of the motor, so it’s hard to say

Doesn’t look like it

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Oh yeah those look like Saite motors, not Maytech but I could be wrong


A view chinese factories use that bell design.
Could be Saite, but also could be an other factory.

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