Sensored motors Cogging on startup

I fear the worst.

I was riding today and checking the motor temps on the VESC app every now and then. In my sweaty pocket the app must have stayed open, changed tabs from RT data to Profiles, and wrote a profile with 5% brakes. It took me like 5 minutes to overwrite that using the motor configurations.

(I hate VESC app!)(also I don’t remember creating a profile either. Idek how that crap works)

Aaaaanyway. The motors starting Cogging like a mile down the road and it’s throwing no faults. It just shakes the motors, won’t go anywhere even with more power. Does it make sense that I could have damaged the ESCs by writing configurations while riding?

You probably changed a motor setting like pole pairs or motor size, or inductance values.

Personally I would just re-detect motors from scratch.

I agree the vesctool app is terrible, but they won’t listen to reason and would rather ban people that bring up issues with the app.


Agree. I’ve had weird shit happen like this when using bluetooth and app. I’d hardwire in and start again.


Thanks y’all, no more Cogging!!

Wonder what silly things I told my ESC to do when I wrote that random profile.