Semi solid state lipo batteries

I was recently searching for a pair of high capacity 6S lipo batteries and came across this new tech where these batteries are have some solid polymer inside of them that makes them more resistant to shock and they also claim these batteries perform better in cold weather.

They also claim to have high energy density up to 330 Wh/Kg. The form factor seems to be smaller than regular lipos although most of these are only rated upto 10-15C.

See examples

Any experience with these? Seem to be the best generation of batteries.

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IMO it’s a bunch of bs. They’re not “solid state” cells as they only have a “semi solid” electrolyte (which has nothing to do with a true solid state cell). I think these are just gelled-electrolyte LiPo’s and those have been around for decades.

The basic commodity LiPo’s being sold for R/C usually don’t use gelled electrolyte though since it costs more and are standard liquid electrolyte AFAIK so these cells might be different than most. This doesn’t automatically mean better. :slightly_smiling_face:

IMO these are standard tech cells being marketed as “solid-state” to trick buyers. Some gelled-electrolyte cells, like some liquid electrolyte cells, have good specs and energy and/or good power density though so these might be good cells, but I don’t know.

Those 10C ratings are only valid for very short periods though as they’ll quickly result in burnt wire insulation. The 400A and 320A ratings for the two examples in your post will get the 8AWG wire they use crazy hot and the one statement that “solid-state batteries do not heat during usage even when a high current is being drawn from the battery” is preposterous. All cells have internal resistance and will heat up.

If the resistance is low enough and you’re not drawing enough current for long enough to heat them up then they won’t get hot. But that’s true for any battery ever made. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the input. I’m going to pull the trigger on one of these and will update here on how well they hold up. I don’t plan to use more than 200a max current so should be good

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Never trust C ratings or mAh claims for lipos


I don’t plan to hit their ceilings. My battery amps will be set to 200 per esc and motor current max to 125. I am interested about the total capacity as these claim 844 wh when charged to 4.4 per cell and supposedly these also claim that they can be discharged to lower voltages like 2.7. I don’t plan on doing that all the time though. I wonder if the Vesc even allows that.

I’ve been using 22ah 25C batteries but I don’t ever think I used the amps they are rated for. These batteries are mostly meant for drones.

Looks like maximum charge is 4.35V and minimum is 2.7V according to that sales listing.

But that sales listing’s primary purpose is to make as much money as possible, not to be as accurate as possible or to give the best advice. Always remember the goal.

FYI, setting battery current higher than motor current is pointless.


BuT iT oUtPeRfOrMs LiquId BatTeRiEs

only one i csn think of is lead acid lol

and that’s way different from lipis

ubless tgere’s some like, pee-powered rc vehicles i don’t know about :eyes:

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Ahhh….good point. Because we can always trust these companies to make accurate marketing claims! :roll_eyes: :joy:

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