Semen Demon [8s12p, xlx2's, 2028's, SRB track pack]

Ive bought a couple of pre built boards since I came into eskateing about 2 and a half years ago. I started on an evolve gtr and as a bigger guy I very quickly grew out of that. I upgraded to a FSE Hellcat which within about 2 weeks I was tweaking with the help of local gurus. After I got comfortable on the hellcat I felt the need to hit some dirt and found myself in possession of a high end DIY mountainboard built by a local guy.

So now im feeling like its time I put in and did it myself. I love racing the hellcat in our local competitions in Perth Australia. But im chasing more manoeuvring and faster acceleration. And I just want something different to ride.

So my plans.

Seemandeed by our very own Glyphiks(Received)
8S12P built by Glyphiks
SRB track pack.
Castle 2028 800kv and XLX2’s(Received)
Hoyt st puck (Received)
Trampa megastar deep dish as spare pneumatics ( Received)

Im fairly out of my depth with building and tuning boards. And no one local to me has any idea about the castle products. So its going to be a steep learning curve. But im keen to learn and keen to get on this beast.

So for some pictures.

The Hellcat

The Mountainboard.

And now the components ive begun to receive.


I hear the local guys are cunts anyway. Better off without them.


That semendeed is really hot. Such a cool technique that @Nacho brought to our attention.
Al killed that one.
Look forward to seeing it built out!


This is exactly what the semendeed was created for. This is gonna be a track beast! Just ordered the cells, super keen to see this one built out!!!


Send it dude!!!

As it happens, this bad boy will be my final customer battery build! gonna be an interesting one, that’s for sure!