Selling quite a few things (US)

I realised while cleaning the past couple weeks that I’ve grown a collection of parts that I’ll never use so I’m putting them up for sale. I’m willing to take reasonable offers so prices aren’t set in stone unless otherwise stated.

MBS ATS 12 Trucks, set of 2. $35 each brand new. You pay $40 plus shipping for a set. I have 2 sets available

(SOLD)MBS ATS12 trucks with custom motor mounts(fits upto 6380 motors). Used, $60

Custom carbon laminated double drop deck with trampa bindings attached, used and needs a new coat of varnish over the pinstripes. $100

4, 8 inch knobbies brand new $12 each.

4, 8 inch tubes brand new $4 each.

(SOLD)Maytech dual 4.20 50a vesc with built in antispark, needs a couple wires resoldered. $80 firm on this one.

15mm 72t aluminum gears that fit 5 hole pattern on mbs hubs, 2 used ones and 6 brand new ones. $20 for the used ones each and $30 each for the new ones.

(SOLD)ATC ats12 motors mounts, no crossbars $50.

Individual Pictures will be posted shortly. But here’s a pic of the board I got all these parts for. You pay shipping.


Would the knobbies fit superstars?

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Yes they should fit any standard hubs.

I might be interested in the ATS trucks with the custom mounts of the ATC mounts and the 72t pulleys if you have pics.

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Talk to me about that deck! Looks like there is an enclosure in the pic?
Also, I see motors. Are those not for sale?


Interested in the deck and trucks and mounts. Pm me if available @RedBaron

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Updated with pics.

Those motors are on my personal build lol


That’s what I thought, heh.

how much for the reese’s puffs? stale or fresh?? =P

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Fresh af and not for sale. Them be mine, lol

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@RedBaron Do you know where the custom ATS motor mounts are from, and do they have adjustable motor mount slots? If those are strong, solid mounts, I’ll take the trucks and mounts off your hands.

Also, do you have pics of the pulleys? I’d probably need to drill new holes to fit other wheels, and want to know if they would lend themselves to this or not. Thanks.

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The mounts were designed by me and were made from 20mm thick t6061 alu stock, they are extremely strong, especially because of the shape and wall thickness. Unfortunately while assembling the kit today I noticed the axle had been bent, so that hanger is trashed. I do have a new set of hangers for the mounts, but due to manufacturing tolerances from MBS the hanger will need to be ground for the mounts to fit.

There are holes for the motor to adjust tension on the belts. The wheel pullies are 5 hole made to fit mbs hubs. You could drill new holes if you would like.


Hey, are the 72t pulleys still available? They’ve become impossible to find…

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Hey do you still have mbs trucks with mounts?

hello, i am interested in a set of ats trucks if it’s still available.

Hello would it be possible to get the 3D model of this motor mount?

Would you like to to sell the bindings?