Selling my first build EU

Hi guys!

I am selling my first build.

Got it to the point when it is reliable daily cruiser, realised that i need a AT trampa or something like that (my wife just loves being in the forest and i love riding, so we need to have hobbies as close as possible :grinning: )

About the build:

Parts used:

Esc: flipsky 4.12 (had it for a year and a half , still going strong) ran it on conservative settings.

Battery: 10s1p (5x 2s 6500mAh OVIONIC liPo’s) - recenently changed got like 100km’s on them.

Motor: Maytech 6374 170kV (from Nexus boards)

Antispark switch: 280A flipsky PRO

Remote: Nano 2,4G

BMS: chineesium one, 60A, (but it cuts off the throttle when trying to go full throttle or full brake, need to bypass only for charging… I can adress that or take it as it is).

Drivetrain: 15mm belt. 3d servisas wheel pulley 40T,
maytech motor pulley 17T, (I can also add a 15T, for more torque).
Turnigy motor mount, JB wielded to the truck(for reliability) :grinning:

Trucks: Caliber II.

Enclosure: diyeboards, added some led`s to be seen on road.

The deck itself is quite stiff (I weight 83kgs)


Top speed: 40km/h
Range: 25km very aggressive riding, managed to get 37km one time, when going super eco :grinning:

In my opinion this is a great board for someone who is thinking to get into the scene without the hassle of diy’ing.

400Eu + Shipping.



Price is decent, just need to wait for the right buyer to show up. I do wonder how you intend to ship a board with a lipo battery in it though :eyes:

Selling locally is probably the best option.

I cant find any information about shipping things with lipos in them, is that even possible? :grinning:
Also, the price is a subject for negotiation.

Realistically, only illegally, but Lipos are way more dangerous than Li-ion cells, so personally I would never risk it. If someone buys it from abroad, you’ll have to ship it without the battery.

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So if I order lipos from hobbyking, do they ship it against the rules? They use GLS here.

Also I remember one trick guy did on sudomod forum. He was making custom lipo battery for gameboy, but it was against the rules to ship it. So he bought cheap powerbank enclosures and put the lipo inside it. This way he wasn’t shipping lipo, but product containing lipo, which was fine with the rules. Could something like this apply with esk8?

They’re an authorized battery seller who went through the process of getting a license. Just like other battery vendors.

Yes, often shipping companies will have exceptions for batteries within devices, because they consider that safer for some reason. But everything has its limits, and a lipo capable of powering an esk8 is definitely going to be above the capacity they allow.


Contacted few shipping companies here, they really did not care, as long as its not tobacco or alcohol… oh and inside EU

I’ll believe it when I see it in print. Good for you though, I guess.